Current and Future Activities

September 2017

Wednesday 21st Harry Patch Day: 13:00 outside Wells Museum, Cathedral Green.

October 2017

Saturday 7th One World Fair - Wells Town Hall, 10:00 to 16:00.

November 2017

Saturday 25th Glastonbury Frost Fair

December 2017

Saturday 16th: 11:00 - 13:00 Carol Singing in Wells, outside library in Union Street.

Recent Events

September 2017

6th Strode College Fresher’s Fair

August 2017

5th and 6th Hiroshima Day

July 2017

14th – 16th July Pitch at Tolpuddle Festival.

June 2017

21st - 25th Campaign stall at Glastonbury Festival.

May 2017

Monday 8th AGM 19:30. Upstairs at the Globe Inn, 18-20 Priest Row, Wells BA5 2PY.

December 2016

Saturday 17th: 11:00 - 13:00 Carol Singing in Wells, outside library in Union Street.

November 2016

Saturday 26th Glastonbury Frost Fair

October 2016

Saturday 8th One World Fair - Wells Town Hall, 10:00 to 16:00.

September 2016

Wednesday 21st Harry Patch Day: 12:30 outside Wells Museum, Cathedral Green. (Also International Day of Peace)

7th Strode College Fresher’s Fair

August 2016

9th Nagasaki Day 18:30 at Glastonbury Peace Pole.

6th Hiroshima Day Marquee on Cathedral Green, Wells, during the day. Candles on the moat, Bishop’s Palace, at dusk. Pictures here

July 2016

15th – 17th July Pitch at Tolpuddle Festival. Pictures here

June 2016

22nd - 26th Campaign stall at Glastonbury Festival. Pictures here

May 2016

Monday 23rd May AGM of Mid-Somerset CND & Peace Group. 19:30 at The Secret Meeting Rooms, Silver Street, Glastonbury BA6 8BS.

Monday 9th May Kate Hudson (National CND) delivered the first Sali Money Memorial Lecture. 19:30 at The Secret Meeting Rooms, Silver Street, Glastonbury BA6 8BS.

February 2016

Saturday 27th: Trident Demo in London. Free coach departing from Glastonbury via Wells and Shepton Mallet.

December 2015

Saturday 19th: 11:00 - 13:00 Carol Singing in Glastonbury

October 2015

Saturday 10th: One World Fair - Wells Town Hall

September 2015

Monday 20th: Harry Patch Day: outside Wells Museum, Cathedral Green at 13:00. (Also International Day of Peace)

3rd: Strode College Fresher’s Fair

August 2015

6th Hiroshima Day: 70 years since 1945

July 2015

17th – 19th July: Tolpuddle Festival

June 2015

24th - 28th: Stall at Glastonbury Festival

May 2015

18th: AGM

April 2015

15th: Hustings. Wells Town Hall 19.00 - 21.00

March 2015

8th: International Womens Day, Wells Town Hall, 12.00 – 16.00

9th-13th: Stall at Strode College, each day, 10.00 - 14.00

21st: Battle of the Bands, 20.00 – 23.00 The Red Brick Building Glastonbury

Past Events (archive 2012-2014)

Congratulations to all who supported the annual carol singing in Wells in December 2014. We raised £220 for Medical Aid for Palestine.

Carol singing Wells 2014

Hiroshima Day, Tuesday 6th August 2013.

During the day we had a marquee on Wells Cathedral Green, showing an exhibition of art by children in Fukushima. We were fortunate to have artists Geoff and Mitsuko Read with us for this event. When the tsunami struck Japan in 2011 they were living in Fukushima with their young son. As the nuclear power plant nearby went into meltdown, the family evacuated to Hiroshima and Geoff started a project working with children from Fukushima about their lives there. The resulting exhibition has been shown throughout Japan, Australia and the USA. In the evening we commemorated Hiroshima Day with candle floating at the Bishop’s Palace moat. Geoff and Mitsuko spoke eloquently and movingly about their experiences of fleeing a nuclear disaster zone and what is happening in Fukushima now, and we also heard from Michael Eavis and the Mayor of Wells, Theo Butt Philip. The Fukushima exhibition is online at

Saturday 3rd August 2013. Hiroshima Day exhibition and information marquee on Wells Cathedral Green.

26th - 30th June 2013. Information Stall at Glastonbury Festival.

4th April 2013. Trident Campaign. In Wells Market Place, soap-box talk by Bruce Kent, Honorary Vice-President of National CND. Attended by Tessa Munt MP, Michael Eavis, and Andy Merryfield (Labour Party). Report in Wells Journal

23rd March 2013. Trident Campaign. Public meeting in Wells Museum at 7.30pm. Speakers: Wells MP Tessa Munt and Chair of National CND Dave Webb. To download leaflet publicising the anti-Trident Campaign and the public meeting on 23rd March click here

Saturday 22nd December 2012 - Carol singing outside Wells library on Union Street from 11.00 to collect for Wells YMCA and The Julian Trust night shelter (Bristol). £100 will be donated to each of these organizations.

Stop Hinkley.

The committee made this a focus of our autumn 2012 campaigning. On September 22nd we supported an information stall outside the post office, Wells Market Place, building support for their day of action on October 8th.


On Saturday August 4th 2012 we had a CND / Stop Hinkley stall & live acoustic music to commemorate the dropping of the first two nuclear weapons. (See photos.)

We were also very pleased to show a powerful Peace Pledge Union poster exhibition on their effect:

  • Wells Cathedral Cloister (Saturday July 28th – Sunday August 5th)
  • Wells Library (Monday August 6th – Saturday 11th)

LAMA Festival 8th – 10th June 2012

Two of our younger members, Quinn and Kama Miller, took the CND stall to a music festival in Lynmouth. This proved a great success, with over a hundred signing up to the Stop Trident campaign and Crispin Aubrey from the Stop Hinkley campaign speaking at the public forum. Seize the Day, a popular local band with a strong peace/anti-nuclear message, also played at the festival.

On Wednesday May 23rd 2012 we were very pleased to welcome Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND UK, to Wells Town Hall to give a thoughtful talk on “Iran – War is not the answer”.

Even though the attendance was disappointing we were pleased that members leafleted Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury, Street and Wells (twice), giving the group a welcome street presence again.